Prince has had a huge impact on our herd over the last several years. His genetics combined beautifully with ours, and he has produced several champion daughters, with numerous granddaughters that are shaping up to follow in their dam's foot steps. Prince is an extremely long and tall buck, and he certainly passes these traits onto his offspring. Prince has produced the most consistent mammary systems we have ever seen, all with high and wide rear arches coupled with beautiful depth and stretch up into the fore udder. His offspring can be spotted easily from a distance due to their consistent profile of being long, tall, and elegant, while still displaying body capacity and depth, creating beautifully balanced animals. Pictured as a 2 year old, updated picture coming this Spring.

We are so excited to have "Sin" in our herd. He compliments the Fox's Pride genetics very well, while combining some fantastic Kastdemur's lines into the mix. We are excited to see his daughters mature.

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Current Herd Sires

Reference Lamancha Bucks

Reference Bucks

Arguably one of the most influential bucks in the history of the Nubian breed can be found in nearly all of the Fox's Pride bloodlines. We are fortunate to have been able to use him directly in our breeding program numerous times since 1968, the most recent being in the Spring of 2014 with the birth of his son Frosty Marval which was sent to Canada to be a herd sire. We still have several straws of this incredible buck in our tanks and will continue to use him for years to come.

*All of our bucks were tested G6S normal(negative) in the Fall of 2015


2017 Junior Lamancha Herd Sire

2017 Junior Nubian Herd Sires

Combining Prince's lines with one of our favorite "Brenda Lee" lines created this flashy strong buck. The Brenda line is known for extreme strength and depth, therefore when mixed with Prince's long and elegant style, Batchelor is the perfect mix of balance. His dry yearling daughter "Solar Flare", out of our CH Aurora, took the show scene by storm in 2015, with numerous Best in Show wins and she was undefeated for Jr. Champion at every show she attended. He also has several yearling daughters and a son in the herd that we are eager to see mature in 2017. Pictured is his dam CH Fox's Pride Brenda Lee, Batchelor's picture coming soon!