*Terms: If you would like to reserve a kid, a $100 deposit is required. If your choice of kid is not available, we will refund your deposit or apply it to another kid of your choice. There will be no refunds on canceled orders. Your kid must be paid in full within 10 days of notification of it's birth. Kids are shipped at 1 month old, all related expenses must be paid at that time. Kids held longer than 5 weeks old will be subject to a daily boarding fee. All shipping costs, including crate, any health papers, and airfare are the buyer's responsibility. Transport to the airport is $25.00. Whenever possible we will ship out of the Boston/ Manchester NH airport, otherwise it will be Logan International Airport, Boston, MA. We reserve the right to retain any kid born for our own herd.

Deposits can be sent to:
14 Joe English Rd.
Mont Vernon, NH

Breeding season is here! We are accepting reservations for 2019 kids!

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