Honey is a wide and strong doe throughout with a beautifully attached and shaped mammary. She was the 3rd place 3 year old with 1st place mammary at the ADGA National Show in 2010. She certainly passes the fantastic mammary onto her offspring, she has produced some of the very best milkers we have ever had! Honey is an easy keeper, and even at 10 years old she stands on strong feet and legs and is carrying a beautifully attached mammary.

Shandy is a sweet dairy little girl. She is angular and long throughout. We purchased Shandy after winning a gift card towards a doe kid, in a National Show Benefit. Her dam Magarita is one of our favorites in our good friend's herd. We love this little doe! She may not be the biggest doe in the class, but her correct general appearance and beautiful mammary system brought her to the top of her classes in 2016, as a first freshener. We can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for her!

Pepper's had quite the exciting show history. With countless GCH and BOB wins throughout her life. Peppers was a solid doe with great depth and power, as well as a beautiful correct topline and strong feet and legs. Peppers was a very capacious doe in her prime, with a strongly attached, high, and wide mammary.  We adored this old girl, she has had a large impact on our herd producing numerous offspring that have excelled in both the show ring and the milk bucket.

Swing is Spark's full sister, and just like her sister she is extremely long and elegant. Swing is so long and milks so much it took her a bit longer to become competitive in the show ring due to the difficulty of putting on weight. Swing was made to milk! She has an incredibly capacious mammary with extreme height and extension. She is long and level and strong on her feet and legs. Swing saw a lot of success in the 2015 show season with several GCH and BOB awards, allowing her to finish her championship. She placed 11th at the 2017 ADGA National Show in a very competitive 5 and 6 year old class.

Bazinga is a farm favorite for sure! Strong, deep, and powerful, with the best topline and rump in the entire barn. She is an easy keeper who milks like crazy! She excels in general appearance with a gorgeous front end assembly, being deep and WIDE throughout. She won several GCH, BOB, and BIS awards in 2015. At the 2016 National Show she placed 14th in a very competitive 4 year old milker class. Bazinga needs one more GCH win in 2017 to complete her championship, and we are hopeful this will be her year! We have her yearling daughter "Basil" in the herd and are looking forward to watching her mature.

We are sooooo excited about Juno! We just love the depth, and length she shows throughout. She milks like crazy with beautiful extension in the fore and rear attachments. She placed first in a large class at her first show out of the 2017 season. We can't wait to continue watching this young doe grow!

More Reference Does To Be Added Soon!

Fling is a strong and powerful doe just like her dam "Bling". She is wide and angular throughout. She placed very well as a yearling in 2015 and we were thrilled with her as a first freshening two year old in 2016. She placed well at every show we competed in. She went Reserve Grand at her first show out in 2017 in a competitive Nubian breed at the NHDGA show. We are thrilled to watch this doe follow in her dam's footsteps!

Hide N Seek is an enormous doe with incredible width! This is a doe that was made to milk! She is our resident "learn how to milk" goat, with the nickname "handlebars". In all seriousness though Hide N Seek is an amazing milker, she gives tons of milk, milks with ease, and milks down to nothing! She was shown in 2015 as a doe milking through for 18+ months and still placed well. Hide N Seek has an incredibly wide and flat rump from thurl to thurl, you can actually place a dinner plate on her rump and it will balance with ease! We just love this easy keeper!

More Information and pictures will be posted about these does as they freshen in 2017.

Elegant and balanced are the two words that come to mind immediately when we think of "Sparks". Sparks is a beautiful doe who displays just how Kastdemur's genetics combined so beautifully with Fox's Pride and Saada genetics. Sparks has won numerous BOB and GCH awards throughout her show career. She is a long elegant doe with amazing depth and width throughout. She has a beautiful rear arch to her mammary, with great fore extension, and incredible mammary texture.

Bling is a strong and powerful doe. She is extremely wide and deep throughout. She excels in feet and legs, tracking extremely square, wide, and strong. She has a beautiful escutcheon that is high and wide, and she is deep into the udder floor, which is certainly a trait that has been passed down from her dam "CH Spring Bonus". She produces kids that are strong and balanced. Bling is known in the barn as an easy keeper, easy to show and easy to maintain. She saw a successful show ring season in 2016, placing 13th in a very large class of competitive 5 and 6 year old does at the ADGA Nationals.

Another one of our favorite older girls "Rory" who also had quite an exceptional show history. Rory was an extremely deep bodied doe with incredible capacity to her mammary. The moment you put your hands on her, you knew she was made to milk! Rory had numerous GCH and BOB wins over the years, being a little slower on her maturity than some others, she finished her championship at 4 years old, but she was well worth the wait! Rory has produced some beautiful kids in her lifetime, currently her daughter "Solar Flare" will be freshening in 2017 as a second freshener, Solar was undefeated at Jr. CH in 2015 at every show she attended. She was also the Best Jr. Doe in Show at Topsfield Fair and The Eastern States Expo. As a first freshener she is such an incredible milker it was tough to put any weight on her. We are thrilled to see how she matured over the winter and what she will do as a second freshener. Rory's granddaughter Bazinga is also in the midst of a very successful show run, displaying her grandmother's incredible depth of body.  Bazinga was placed 14th in a VERY large competitive class at the 2017 Nationals. Rory currently has 2 yearling daughters and a yearling buck in the herd as well that we are looking forward to watching mature. Rory's picture above is at 4 years old, picture to the side is at 8 years old and milked out.


Machiatto is an incredible young doe that we have had the pleasure of watching in the show ring. By 2 years old with 1 freshening, in 2015, she already had an extensive show win record with numerous GCH and BIS wins, and placing 1st in nearly every class she entered. In 2016 as a three year old second freshener she placed 14th in a very large very competitive class of 3 yr old milkers at the ADGA National Show. She is a long, level, and elegant doe with depth into the heart girth. She has a beautiful mammary with excellent extension into the fore and rear. She excels in general appearance with strength and width throughout, and tracking on strong feet and legs.


We are thrilled with how Sensation has freshened! She placed third in a very large competitive class at her first show out in 2017. She has a beautifully shaped mammary, with excellent depth throughout. We look forward to watching this young doe grow and mature!

2017 First Freshening Nubians

Reference Does

Sunray is a full sister to Machiatto. We loved Machiatto so much we decided to repeat the breeding, and we are sure glad we did! Sunray is an ENORMOUS doe with extremely correct general appearance, amazing body capacity and depth, and width throughout. At every show in 2016 as a first freshener, judges commented on her size and power, while still maintaining dairy strength being long and elegant throughout. Sunray was 7th place in the two year old class as the 2016 National Show! We feel Sunray has an extremely bright future ahead of her and are thrilled to watch her as a second freshener in 2017.

Solar had a very successful 2015 show season as a dry yearling. She won several GCH placings, and won Best Jr. Doe in Show at both the Eastern States Expo and the Topsfield Fair! Solar is a very balanced doe throughout, combining superior dairy strength with tons of body capacity. As a first freshener in 2016 she came in with a beautiful and very CAPACIOUS mammary, making it a bit tougher to put some body capacity on her. We look forward to watching her as a second freshener in the 2017 show season with more maturity, we are hopeful for her show career!