Over the years our farm has been home to many different types of animals other than dairy goats. The year 2017 sadly marked an end to our Scottish Highlander herd of cattle, which had graced our pastures for 17 years. The curiosity caused by these incredible animals has led to many friendships being formed over the years, with vehicles and individuals on foot often making their way down the driveway to ask questions about them. It was a common sight on a warm summer evening for the whole neighborhood to be pasture side, watching while a cow gave birth in the field. Greeting the new little calf with cheers when they hit the ground, and name suggestions flying around among the crowd. Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed our little cattle herd with us over the years. 

Our farm is also home to many types of poultry and waterfowl. We have even had an Emu! We also raise hogs spring through fall for the freezer trade, they are raised on goats milk and grain, with no hormones or medications.

Our main focus with our poultry and waterfowl has become our love for the Dewlap Toulouse geese. We have brought in genetics from around the country in an effort to work on creating a small but high quality flock of Buff colored Dewlap Toulouse. We do sell goslings in the Spring, available in pairs and trios. 

We have dabbled in several breeds of rabbits over the years but now only have a small breeding group of Holland Lops, and a few old retired Flemish Giants and Velveteen Lops. We do have Holland Lop babies available from time to time for pets. 

We are proud to be partners with the Greater Nashua YMCA Camp Sargent! Together with Camp Sargent we have established a very successful educational farm program providing programming in agriculture to the local community throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Pictured to the left is Bri giving a demonstration to campers on how to properly splint a calf with contracted tendons.

We have been raising all our kids on heat treated colostrum and pasteurized milk since the early 1980's. We have tested our herd yearly for CAE for the past 12 years and have 100% CAE free results. Therefore we have not had to pasteurize for the past 5 years. All our babies are brought into the house for up to 48 hours after birth and are bottle fed. They are then brought to the barn and bottle fed up to 2 weeks, at that time they are moved to the lamb bar and weaned at 3 months old. The does and kids are inoculated with BO- SE and CD&T.

We are thrilled to announce that as of 2019 our ENTIRE herd is G6S normal by either parentage or test! 

​​We believe in giving credit, where credit is due and GCH ++*B Halicienda Frosty Marvin deserves most of the credit for the success of our Nubian herd. We have been using Marvin in our herd for 34 years and we have had amazing results with him. Our first kids from Marvin were born in 1983, the year the Marvin died. Our most recent Marvin kids being born in 2014. We are expecting several Marvin granddaughters to be first fresheners in the Spring of 2020 and are very excited to see how these old genetics have combined with our newer ones. We utilize artificial insemination regularly within our herd to diversify our genetics and use animals in our breeding program from around the country. 

The History of a Family Tradition and Dedication to Producing Quality Dairy Goats

 The year 2020 marks the 52nd year that Fox's Pride has been raising and showing quality Dairy Goats. It started as a joke when Mary gave Dan a baby goat on Valentines day, but now 52 years later we are raising ADGA registered Nubians and Lamanchas (with one token Toggenburg), and we have dabbled in Saanens and Alpines over the years. Now four generations of the family are involved with the herd, Dan and Mary followed by their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren all work together raising and showing the animals. We are located in the beautiful hills of Southern NH, in the small town of Mont Vernon.

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